Is it just me or did Jake Peavy appear to lack his normal fire last
Peavy.jpgnight? Okay, there was a rather lengthy rain delay that could’ve been a factor in his performance. Still, he did not look like the same Jake Peavy (8-8) who won the NL CY Young award in 2007. During his 6-inning, 97-pitch stint against Colorado, he uncharacteristically walked 5 batters while striking out only 3. Stewart’s home run in the second inning was the big blow, but it was the walks that ultimately did him in; 2 of the 5 runners who walked eventually scored.


The Padre bullpen certainly didn’t help the cause. In only 2/3 of an inning, Cla Meredith and Wil Ledezma combined for 3 walks; 2 of them scored. Clay Hensley did a fantastic job of bailing them out in the seventh. However, due to a “miscommunication” between Brian Giles and Scott Hairston on a ball hit to right center, Hensley was charged with a double when it should’ve been a routine out. Being the kind of guy his is, Giles took responsibility for the blunder. But, from where I was sitting, it was Hairston’s ball to catch.


Kevin Kouzmanoff led the offensive attack with 3 hits, while Scott Hairston and Chase Headley collected 2 apiece. Giles hammered his seventh home run of the year in the losing cause. Adrian Gonzalez, whose average has slipped to .274, is looking a little tired and may need a rest.


Bottom line: Padres lose another game in which they looked like the Keystone Cops on the field. And, wasn’t Glendon Rusch on our team earlier this year? I thought so. Not that he’s bore any resemblance to Sandy Koufax since joining the Rockies. But he is 5-3 and did limit the Padres to 2 runs over his 6 innings of work.


Tonight it’s Greg Maddux (5-8, 4.17) vs. Aaron Cook (14-7, 3.68). The Padres have never beaten Cook in Colorado. That’s why I’ll be watching the exhibition game between the Chargers and Dallas tonight instead of the Padres.




    Oh, what a season! Now we can’t even depend on our ace pitcher, Peavy, to get us a win. What was with all those walks? Peavy’s body language really said a lot. I totally agree that his “fire” is out. I know the team is out of it, but the team still has to get out there and try to compete. I know Giles took the blame for the miscue in the outfield, but Hairston should have been all over that ball. I like Hairston, but, like so many others on this team and the coaching staff, he’s passive. He needed to loudly call off Giles. I thought the centerfielder was the captain of the outfield. Please, oh, please, get rid of Meredith and Ledesma. They have some good arms in the minors — better we see the up and comers than these useless guys from the bullpen. I totally agree — go Chargers — even an exhibition game has to be more entertaining than the Padres team out on the field.

  2. deansbaseballblog

    How do you really feel about it? As Padre fans, all we have to look forward to are the changes that’ll be made in the off-season.

    On the other hand, if the Chargers are as talented as most everyone believes they are, we have a LOT to look foward to this year!

  3. Kaybee

    Personally, I can’t stand the chargers because I can’t stand football. I would rather watch a pathetic Padres loss than football of any kind. But I am looking forward to attending a few Padres games this year, and hopefully we’ll have a lot of exciting changes to talk about in the offseason. I think San Diego needs a World Series more than a super bowl. Besides, it’s Greg Maddux tonight. Might as well hope. GO PADRES!!!
    Kaybee (

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