Due to promotional work on my book, Pinch Hitter, I have not had time to post anything here for a few days. However, I thought I’d comment on a few issues that have popped up over the past few days.


First, the Padres are bringing up RHP Chad Reineke to start
Reineke.jpgtonight’s game against Philadelphia. Reineke is the player they received from Houston for Randy Wolf and is essentially replacing Chris Young (DL) in the starting rotation. Sometime before the game, a roster move will be made to make room for Reineke, whose record at Portland was 0-1 with a 4.15 ERA. It’s anybody’s guess who’ll be going.


I found the Padres’ choice interesting inasmuch as they bypassed a couple of Portland left-handers and a couple of guys who are highly thought of on the San Antonio roster in favor of Reineke. Obviously, the Padres see something in this guy that Houston didn’t see. After all, Houston gave him up for a pitcher who’ll be a free agent again next season. What I’m gathering from this is that the Pads have little faith in their minor league pitchers. Why else would they call-up a guy with an overall record of 5-10 and a 4.37 ERA in AAA over the likes of left-handers Wade Leblanc or Cesar Ramos? Both of those guys have been pitching well for Portland and have been in the organization for a few years.


Greg Maddux was outdueled last night by 45-year-old Jamie Moyer. Hmmm, that happens to be the same age as the main character (David Robbins) in my book. Perhaps it’s even more plausible than I thought.


Is there any question that Jake Peavy is the Padres’ best pitcher? Of course there isn’t. Why certain individuals want to take shots at him is way beyond my comprehension. When it comes right down to it, no Padre pitcher has more heart than Jake. After he lost to the Rockies on August 7th in Colorado, I commented that he appeared to lack his normal fire in his six innings of work. My concern was that he had a physical ailment of some type. But I would never question the man’s heart or accuse him of ducking a pitching match-up with someone like Tim Lincecum or CC Sabathia. Those decisions are made by management. By the way, I believe that Peavy’s 2.61 ERA is the best amongst starters in the NL. Don’t be fooled by his 9-8 record; he’s pitching for a bad team.


Chris Young is on the DL again. This time it’s for a strained right forearm. I have a feeling that we may not see much of him over the remaining six weeks of the season.


Brian Falkenborg? Give me a break! Oh well, he can’t be much worse than Cla Meredith or Bryan Corey (DL). I hope he proves me wrong.


I’m glad that Sean Kazmar is getting a chance to play on the big league level. No doubt about it…it’s a big jump from AA San Antonio.  So far, he’s doing okay.


  1. Kaybee

    It’s been an interesting week. I am really excited about Reineke. I hope they send down Ledezma, even though he has been doing better lately.
    Kaybee (kaybee.mlblogs.com)

  2. deansbaseballblog

    I’m not sure that would be the right move, Kaybee. Ledezma has pitched fairly well out of the bullpen. I’d rather see Cla Meredith go. Hensley has options, but I’d really hate to see him leave. Don’t be surprised if it isn’t a pitcher that goes.

  3. wjwquilts@cox.net

    Lots of unknowns at this point. So sorry that Chris Young is on the DL again. Not only does he have a strained forearm, but he also has a sinus infection — they say that’s a very common ailment after the facial/sinus surgery he’s had to endure. I hope we haven’t see the last of him this year. I can’t understand anyone bad-mouthing Jake. The guy has more fire than the whole pitching staff combined, but he’s backed up by a very weak team this year. I’m glad he reacted to the unwarranted criticism. So often the players/manager of this team “take it” rather than strike back — good for him. Don’t know anything about this Reineke guy. Hope he’s not another bust — there must have been a reason Houston sent him packing in the Wolf trade. If the management has no faith in their minor league pitchers, maybe they should look to themselves and their scouts and minor league coaches. This does not inspire faith for the club’s future. Just heard that the corresponding move to Portland is Cla Meredith. I’m glad to hear that. I think the big leaguers have figured him out and he needs to go down there and learn how to mix up his pitches better. It’s pretty bad when a great guy like Maddux pitches a gem, makes one mistake, and his teammates can’t even squeak out a couple of runs to either take him off the hook or give him another win. Really tough season.

  4. deansbaseballblog

    Might be good for Meredith. He needs time to work on his command. He’ll be back when the rosters expand.

    Maddux is definitely a hard-luck pitcher. He should’ve won that game last night. I don’t know why the Padres have so much trouble with left-handers.

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